Bluebeam Revu: Save Time with Tool Chests

Bluebeam Revu: Save Time with Tool Chests

Bluebeam Revu: Save Time with Tool Chests
Date: Oct 08, 2018

Do you find yourself creating the same markups in Bluebeam Revu over and over again? Maybe for your personal standards or a company standard? There’s no need to do that anymore. Use Tool Chests instead.

Easy to Save

When you open a PDF from Bluebeam Revu 2018, you will find shortcuts to the different tools in the left side panel. The Tool Chest looks like a tool box. To save a markup, simply:

  • Create the markup
  • Right click on it
  • Add it to the appropriate Tool Chest(s)

Easy to Use

There are two ways to use a markup saved in a Tool Chest:

  • If you need the exact markup, simply drag and drop it onto your document
  • If you need to change the text, use the Property Mode to copy the properties and edit the text

Easy to Share

Once a markup has been saved in a tool chest, it is easily shared with others with the Import/Export commands.

For a demonstration, watch this short video where David Haynes, Bluebeam Certified Consultant, walks through the steps:

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About the Author

David Haynes, Director 
David is a Bluebeam Certified Consultant, a registered architect, and a project management certified professional. Before joining Ideate, David had his own architectural practice and was president of a commercial design-build construction company for 15 years. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he has worked as an architect, contractor, and developer, and he was a national construction manager for a national retailer. David currently provides business process analysis, data integration, and change management solutions for AECO clients involved in the design and construction industry across the United States. Find David on Twitter.